As a senior negotiator and ISDA manager with Axiom Law, I know first hand the importance of closing a deal and winning big contracts. Starting off in this line of work had its up and downs throughout the business, but overall, the skills that I’ve acquired with over 11 years of experience under my belt really makes what I do worth wild.

By negotiating large-scale deals with international businesses, and local companies, I provide the opportunity for both parties to acquire what they need in any given deal if an offer is placed on the table.

Many people do not understand how both negotiation and business work simultaneously with one another. For starters, many are under the assumption that only FBI agents and police officers use negotiation tactics or are qualified to do to, however this in not the case and a common misconception across the board.

It is important to understand that for small businesses and entrepreneurs, the possibility of someone pulling a “fast one” is high and very likely. Here is where hostage negotiation skills can work in your favor to catch a shady deal before you sign on the dotted line.

Interpreting shifty body language

The commonly used phrase “actions speak louder than words” goes a long way when examining the body language of a potential friend or foe. You want to pay attention to the person’s eyes and whether or not they appear to be shifty when reviewing the deal or going over talking points.

The key here is to look for the truth based on direct or indirect eye contact that the person may be displaying. Although this is not a dead give away to knowing if you are being lied to, it’s a great indicator in the world of negotiation.

The mirroring effect

Ask any great negotiator and they will tell you that the “mirroring effect” works wonders! This technique allows others to open up to you if used correctly.

In any negotiation, you want the other person to reveal any information available in order to make your final decision. Mirroring is simply mimicking of minor body movements, gestures, and language. During your next big meeting, try to see if you can pick up on this skill, and use it to your advantage.  

Although you will not be able to clearly decipher whether or not someone is being honest with you when conducting business, remember to always rely on your gut instincts and professionalism to see you through. With the help of the above tips along with expert knowledge, you’ll be one your way in seeing through the smoke at the next meeting.

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