LinkedIn is one of the most popular websites used for business and lots of people who are leaders in their industries are utilizing it. The website is a fantastic place to make connections and build your online brand. If you do not already have a LinkedIn, it’s time to get one! Follow some of these tips to make your account the best it can be. Even if you do have a LinkedIn, it’s time to focus more on it and get as many benefits from it as you can.

Make sure you have a picture

If you don’t have an actual photo of yourself on your page, it’s outdated, or it’s not good quality, it’s time to update. LinkedIn profiles with actual profile pictures get 21 times more views than those that do not have a quality photo. Consider getting a professional headshot taken and then use that on your profile. Also, remember to update your cover photo as well.

Use powerful language

When filling out the descriptive portions of your profile, use strong language. Use action instead of passive verbs and quantify your accomplishments if possible. Avoid having a generic description for your headline; spice it up and use branding words. You want people to know what you’re passionate about and what your skills are soon after viewing your profile.

Add media files

If you’ve worked on any projects or have files you can share, go ahead and do it! LinkedIn makes it incredibly convenient to gather all your resources and accomplishments in one place, so take advantage of that. Share links to projects and websites so people can see what you’ve worked on.

Regularly update your status

Lots of people make the mistake of setting up a great LinkedIn account and then rarely looking at it unless they get messages or want to browse job openings. To make the most of your LinkedIn, you need to post regularly, even if it’s simply sharing articles you find interesting. If you’re writing your own content, make sure you share that on your profile as well.

Fill out as many sections as possible

There are loads of different sections you can fill out on LinkedIn. It might seem tedious, but filling it out as much as possible only helps you. Add any published work you have and add in certifications and extra classes you’ve taken. If you have media files, share them, and put links to your professional website or social media. Make sure you add in volunteer work and skills as well.

Engage with people!

Finally, make an effort to actually engage with people! Follow influencers and message people you have questions for. Most people are open to discussing their jobs and professional journeys with others. Comment and like people’s posts and congratulate them on a new job. Strengthen your connections and you’ll all benefit in the future.