Cluttered tabletop with graphs, newspapers, drinks, computers, folders, manisha dorawala communicate across departments

In my profession, I’m required to work with multiple departments within a single company. Working with these departments requires me to possess a clear understanding of what each departments’ roles are within the business and how they all connect to one another. When trying to negotiate any aspect of a business or teach the company how they could improve and create more value, I must know how to communicate effectively with various types of people in many different roles. This job can be challenging because it requires an understanding of business, finance, law, and a few other specialties.

Even if you are not working in the same capacity I am, there is still significant value in understanding how to effectively communicate and work between different departments within a business. No matter where you work, it’s likely that you’ll have to work with other departments and it’s important to understand how to work together in an efficient way that benefits everyone involved. Follow this advice to successfully encourage collaboration throughout your company and achieve genuine success.

Facilitate networking events

If you truly want people to work seamlessly between departments, you need to start with creating opportunities for them to get to know one another. Take time to plan and attend network events in order to meet people who work in different capacities for the company. Employees are able to connect outside of work and get to know each other on a personal level so they can become comfortable with talking at work and working together.

Work on special projects together

Giving employees the opportunity to work on various projects together is a wonderful way to encourage work amongst departments. All of a company’s departments are working to help the company run more smoothly, so take advantage of this fact and actually give employees the opportunity to work on projects together.

Promote internally

If you want to foster a desire in your employees to work across departments, look to hire internally for positions before taking on external candidates. Hiring from within gives the business to help current employees and hire people who already understand the values of the company. It also helps employees see the value of staying with your company and learning about other departments because it may provide more opportunities.

Use common language

Though various roles have certain jargon, aim to keep company language as consistent as possible. Then, it’ll be easier for people in various departments to communicate with each other about what they’re currently working on and other aspects of the business.

Communicate developments

A lot of companies fail when it comes to successful communication. Keep all departments and employees aware of developments within the company; update them on new goals, steps made to reach goals, and any other information related to the company. When employees feel in the loop for news across departments, it’s easier to work with those other departments.

Regularly ask for feedback

Encourage departments heads to ask for feedback from employees; do they feel they have a deep understanding of what other departments do? Are there areas they’d like to know more about? Opening up channels of communication with employees and across departments makes it easier for everyone within the company to work together.